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Our goal is to help you keep your natural teeth for as long as possible. The importance of proper dental care throughout your lifetime can’t be overstressed. By making routine visits to an experienced dental practice and investing in the right dental plan, you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy, natural smile. Professional teeth cleaning during a check-up can help prevent long-term dental health issues while observing any irregularities that may require advanced dental treatments. You can minimize the need for fillings and reinforce sound dental hygiene home practices.

​To keep healthy teeth daily hygiene is essential. Plaque, tartar and stains start to build up on the teeth, giving them a dull appearance. The acids and toxins in plaque destroy the tooth enamel, causing decay, bad breath (or halitosis) and possible gum disease. At Dental Lounge we suggest cleaning appointments every 3-6 months. We charge AED 150 per session.


Fluoride treatments can strengthen teeth to prevent cavities. We administer fluoride by using trays that fit the top and bottom teeth.

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  • Dental Lounge Dubai
  • Dental Lounge Dubai
  • Dental Lounge Dubai
  • Dental Lounge Dubai
  • Dental Lounge Dubai
  • Dental Lounge Dubai