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Your Affordable Dental Services Dubai.

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Net Clinic Dubai stands out as the foremost dental service provider in Dubai, offering a comprehensive range of top-tier services to cater to all your dental needs. As you search on Google in Dubai, you'll find that our clinic excels in providing essential dental services such as teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers, root canal treatments, and braces. Our expert team of dentists is committed to delivering superior care and exceptional results in each of these areas. Whether you require a routine cleaning to maintain optimal oral health or seek advanced treatments like dental implants or braces to enhance your smile, Net Clinic Dubai is your trusted partner. With our dedication to excellence and affordability, we ensure that every patient receives the highest quality of care without compromising on cost. Experience the difference at Net Clinic Dubai and achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve. Schedule your appointment today and discover why we're recognized as the top dental service provider in Dubai.

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Dental Treatment Dubai

Why choose us

Whether you are visiting for a routine cleaning or an extensive surgery, we want to make sure that you receive the appropriate professional care that you deserve. This reinforces our customer service belief: That you receive treatment that is customized to your individual needs, delivered by trained practitioners in a caring and professional environment.

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Look at the services we provide & find the perfect match for your needs.

Our services are as broadly targeted as they are personally customized. Although our service range is comprehensive – covering the general, restorative and complex cosmetic aspects of dentistry – we personalize every service to the individual.

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dental checkup

Dental Checkup

Dentist - Consultation 

Dr. Humra has a great interest in all areas of dentistry with a particular interest in crown and bridgework, root canal treatment and cosmetic dentistry. She is committed to always offering the highest standard of care to her patients whilst caring for her patients’ needs with her kind and gentle manner. Dr Humra is committed to continued learning and attends dentistry courses regularly to keep her knowledge and skills updated.


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cosmetic dentistry
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At Dental Lounge Dubai emphasize on prevention and education. We recommend that most patients visit us every 6 months for a dental hygiene appointment and professional teeth cleaning, although the ideal frequency will depend on your individual needs. During this initial visit, we will check your teeth and gums for signs of tooth decay, gum disease and other problems, recommend any treatments we think you could benefit from and remove any plaque that may have hardened on your teeth since your last visit. If you or your children play sports or other activities that could put your mouth and jaws at risk of injury, we may also recommend a custom fit mouth guard. We prescribe night guards for night teeth grinding.

Cosmetic dentistry

Teeth whitening . Veneers . Hollywood Smile

Do you want to improve your smile? Talk to our dentists about the cosmetic treatments we offer at the Dental Lounge, including in-chair and at-home teeth whitening and dental veneers to cover up stains, chips and gaps. Cosmetic dental treatments are evolving. We'll make sure you have a realistic idea of what to expect from a treatment and that you understand any possible risks that may be involved.

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Dental Crown dubai

Replacing tooth

Crown . Dental Bridges . Implant . Dentures

Have you lost a tooth or more? Missing teeth can affect your oral health, function and your appearance. The teeth on either side of the missing teeth may also start to move and shifted without enough support.

If you need the teeth replaced, talk to our friendly dentists to find out how treatments such as a dental bridge or dental implants can help restore your smile.

emergency dental care

Even at the best of health teeth, accidents can happen. Getting help is vital. At a dental emergency and need assistance, call our dentists in Karama for advice or to arrange a same-day appointment at our clinic.


Dental Treatment

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  • Dental Lounge Dubai
  • Dental Lounge Dubai
  • Dental Lounge Dubai
  • Dental Lounge Dubai
  • Dental Lounge Dubai


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If you are looking for quality dental care in Dubai for you and your family, the Dental Lounge - Dental Clinic in Dubai provides exceptional dental care for all ages alike at affordable prices. Make a booking  now.

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We are located Opposite to the Spinneys Karama, above the Burger king at the Block B Office 118, of the Al Attar Building. Kindly refer to the map for further details or call us. We are not far from the ADCB Metro Station and other public transport.


Our belief its always worth the time to do a quality job. We do not sacrifice quality in materials or the dental labs.


We treat everybody with respect and provide the best information on the dental services. We keep our patinets well infomed.


Our practice always delivers high quality dental work using the finest materials we have available in Dubai.

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